In 2005, I was diagnosed with femoral acetabular impingement syndrome, a hip condition which under the right (or wrong!) circumstances can predispose someone to premature arthritis. I had surgeries on the right hip in 2005 and the left hip in 2009 to try to stave off further deterioration. 

Well, it worked for almost seven years on the right hip, but only for one year on the left. I have now had total hip replacements on both sides. This is somewhat ironic as I myself am an orthopaedic surgeon (although I only do pediatric orthopaedic surgery - so I myself don't see these kinds of patients)!

Now 59, I've been a figure skater since age 12 and completed my gold dance test in the Canadian system in 1994, while living and working in Kansas City, I might add. I've been doing some testing in U.S. Figure Skating for a number of years. I'm still skating, still working with coaches and my goal is to test both dance and field moves at some point in the future.

I am still Getting Up and Moving!